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Bible Collage
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Cursos Intensivos de Evangelismo y Discipulado
(Intensive Courses on Evangelism and Discipleship)
CIED is part of the process in forming disciples for Christ, which we use in La Roca.
The CIED is a year and a half program of Bible studies, which we give in chronological order, to help these disciples of Christ to get a spiritual, practical, and intellectual formation.
These Bible study modules are given in a practical and simple way, applying them to these disciples’ lives, so that they can put them into practice as they are learning.
We firmly believe that the secret of developing a healthy Church, in no doubt, has to do with developing disciples with firm convictions in the Word of God, who learn to have a relationship of love with God, walking daily in holiness and fear of the Lord their entire life.
We work through five modules, in which the disciples will learn the following:
1. Practical points to keep their daily walk with God in order.
2. An overview of the entire Bible.
3. The importance of living their lives consecrated to God in holiness and fear of HIM, learning to dedicate time to prayer, and to share their faith.
4. How to make disciples of Jesus.
5. How to be aware of and obey God’s guidance, and then joining HIM in what he has planned for their lives
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